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Product Number: 9S7-165112-218
Intel® Core™2 Duo Processor P8600
Genuine Vista® Home Premium
(MSI recommends upgrade to Windows Vista® Business)

• 15.4" WSXGA+ / Glare (1680 x 1050)
  TFT-LCD Widescreen Display
• Built-in Blu-ray Optical Drive
• 7.1 Channel Output Recognized and Approved by the Highest Standards of Dolby®
• HDMI (High-Definition Multimedia Interface) Output
• Built-in 2.0 Mega Pixel Webcam
• 802.11 a/g/n Wireless LAN with Bluetooth
• 320GB SATA 7200 rpm HDD
• NVIDIA® Geforce 9800M GS 3D Graphic Card
  (Build-in DDR3 1GB VRAM)

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Exclusive Turbo Drive Engine Technology
With MSI exclusive Turbo Drive Engine Technology, while the GT627 is in AC mode, just by touching the turbo button above the keyboard, you can simultaneously increase the speed of your CPU, also the computer may run smoother and to the best of its abilities.

*The test result differs under different testing environment
The Brand New Gaming Exterior Design
The Combination of Aluminum and Metallic Threads in Body Design
The new GT627 has selected aluminum as the base for our exterior, and adding the metallic threads for design on the cover, giving it an outstanding sense of fashion. The GT627 is a must-have accessory for the modern stylish games obsessed with speed, a totally new experience in gaming.

Aerodynamic Touch Sensor
The GT627 has applied the aerodynamic touchpad design, using a simple black mirror plate as base and red linings to accentuate the slickness of the faceplate. All you have to do is to touch gently on the touch sensor to start any applications while operating, just as simple as that.
W/A/S/D Buttons on the Keyboard
Keeping gamers’ playing habits in mind, GT627 especially adds the colorful W/A/S/D buttons on the keyboard which enable users to find the direction controls easily.

The Unbelievable Visual Realism
The Best NVIDIA® Geforce 9800M GS 3D Graphic Card with DDR3 1 GB VRAM)
The best nVIDIA Geforce 9800M GT 3D graphic card (Build-in DDR3 1GB VRAM) delivers remarkable performance and an unsurpassed feature set for accelerating spectacular gaming.
3D Performance , 3D Mark 2006 v110 Performance
CUP: Intel® Core™ 2 Duo P8400 2.26G
System Memory: DDR 2 1G X 2
GPU: NVIDIA Geforce GS (Built in DDR 3 1 GB)
Spectacularly realistic 3D graphics effects
• DirectX 10
Playing the next-generation games with the seamlessness
and speed with which they were meant to be played.

• Video Processor 3
Reduce CPU utilization Improve power savings.

• GigaThread™ Technology
Massively multi-threaded architecture supports thousands
of independent, simultaneous threads.

• Bit stream processor (BSP) - HDBD off load entropy
The GPU, rather than the CPU, handles the video decode,
making more efficient use of compute capability and
saving power
Ultimate Blu-ray and HD DVD movie experience

Warp-speed graphics performance
Spectacularly realistic 3D graphics effects

The Best NVIDIA® Geforce 9800M GS 3D
Graphic Card with DDR3 1 GB VRAM)
3D performance increases SIGNIFICANTLY !!

- Exclusive MSI VIVID Image Enhancement Technolog
MSI exclusive VIVID LCD technology is able to display signals for a better richness in colors. The colors from the monitors of the GT627 has an intense sense of levels, and you can even detect in the presence of the finest details. Whether you are playing a computer game, editing images, or watching movies, the images are presented as 3-dimensional as it possibly gets.
Rich Audio Experience - 7.1 Channel Output
With Dolby® approved Digital/Analog 7.1 Channel audio output, the GT627 provides the 3D 360º surround sound and presents the rich sound effects ideal for multimedia applications.

Abundant Entertainment - High-Definition Multimedia Interface
With impeccable video quality, the GT627 enables the computer generated images to be more lifelike and clear, incredibly suitable for the latest gaming consoles and online games.
GT627 supports the next-generation hard drives based on the Serial ATA (SATA) 3Gb/s storage specification, delivering enhanced scalability and doubling the bus bandwidth for high-speed data retrieval and saves. So, this external SATA allows easily sharing and transfer of entertainment content and digital media on external devices.
. The GT627 selects the brand new ECO Engine, the outstanding and unique power saving function by MSI Notebook, as the power management function to extend the battery running time while performing different tasks. Touch the ECO quick launch touch sensor repeatedly to switch among the 5 different modes – Gaming mode, Movie mode, Presentation mode, Office mode, and Turbo Battery mode while performing game applications, playing multimedia applications, performing presentation applications, dealing with office documentation tasks, or looking forward to minimizing the battery power consumption. All you have to do is press lightly on the “ECO OFF” to return to the original setting

  • Designed specially for MSI gaming notebooks
  • 5 main zippered pocket
  • Internally divided into 3 compartments
  • Ergonomic padded shoulders straps
  • Padded back panels
  • Exterior dimensions: 50 X 43 X 27 cm
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