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Product Number: 9S7-16Y112-071
Intel® Core™ i3-2310M Processor
Windows 7 Home Premium
NVIDIA® Geforce® GT520M-Series Graphic Card with DirectX11 Ready
15.6" HD 16:9 Widescreen Display
Refined Design
Time Stamp Automatically Backs up and Restores Information
Rock-solid Hard Drive Protection
Smart Brightness Adjustment for Optimal Lighting
Cooler Palm Rest Temperature
Long Battery Life
Ultra Fast Data Transfer Technology- USB 3.0

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Inspired by top-of-the-line luxury sedans and a design concept integrating external quality and internal performance, MSI created the CX640, a laptop computer characterized by unassuming sophistication and beauty. The silver color and brush finish underscore the unparalleled elegance of the CX640.

The CX640 feature MSI's own integrated software (Time Stamp technology) and hardware shock protection, providing two layers of data defense.
Time stamp automatically backs up and restores information
We've found ourselves scratching our heads after experiencing situations like these—your computer starts lagging; you get a virus from a download; you lose a file you forgot to save.

The CX640 come with MSI's Time Stamp which solves all problems dealing with data back up and restoration with one button. Preventing data loss couldn't be simpler.

*Time will vary with amount of data being backed up or restored.
Rock-solid hard drive protection

To safeguard against damage due to drops, the hard drive is placed in the safest place in the laptop and then packed in reinforced protection to form a sort of "air bag," providing solid protection.

Smart Brightness Adjustment for Optimal Lighting

The CX640 uses a built in light sensor to automatically adjust the screen brightness for optimal viewing based on the ambient lighting in your surroundings, making the computer easier to use on your eyes, while maximizing power efficiency.

User Friendly Smart System Function

The CX640 features intuitive function keys to make it easier to turn on/off or make adjustments using frequently used functions. (E.g., adjusting screen brightness or volume, turning on/off the webcam, wireless network, mute, and standby)

Instant scenario change

Press the Fn key twice consecutively to quickly and easily change the default wallpaper to go with different use scenarios (work, meeting, personal, home). Now, you can personalize your screen to match the task at hand.
Cooler palm rest

Due to the all-new heat dissipation design, the palm rest areas on the CX640 maintain a temperature close to that of the human body, so no matter how long you use your laptop, it still feels comfortable to the touch.

Input/ Output Convenience

Commonly used I/O jacks, such as USB ports, headphone, and card reader slots, are conveniently located for smooth and easy access. Also allowing clutter free workspace.

Boots up in half the time*

The CX640 boots up twice as fast as traditional notebooks, get to work quicker without waiting for your desktop to load.

Battery recharging 1.5 faster*

CX640 utilizes quick charger technology to rapidly restore energy to the battery, allowing you more time to move freely with your notebook.

HiFre antenna performs better*

MSI's HiFre antenna design makes the wireless in the CX640 perform 1.3X better than traditional laptops, allowing you to find signals where other NBs can't.

*Performance varies with different hardware specs and environments.

MSI CX640 features the latest and powerful NVIDIA GeForce GT500M and comes DirectX11 ready. DirectX11 enhances the graphics to allow users to enjoy a more immersive and detailed gaming experience. Equipped with the mobile implementation of NVIDIA Optimus, users can take advantage of this switching technology that allows for real time alternation between integrated and discrete graphics. The ability to do this will achieve the right amount of energy consumption for the task, maximize performance, and extend battery life.

MSI exclusive GPU Boost Technology allows the user to automatically switch interchangeably between desired modes to achieve ultimate graphics performance. When using graphics-demanding programs, MSI GPU Boost Technology will enable a smoother graphic operation. For other daily works, it switches off graphic-demanding programs to preserve battery life.
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