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Product Number: 9S7-16GN27-016
AMD Dual-Core E-350 APU Platform
Genuine Windows® 7 Home Premium
Upgrade to Genuine Windows® 7 Professional recommended
AMD Radeon™ HD 6310 Discrete-Class Graphics
Classic Looming Design
16:9 Wide Screen Display
LED Power-saving Backlight Technology
HDMI (High-Definition Multimedia Interface) Output
MSI Exclusive ECO Engine Power Management System

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The CR650 incorporates the latest AMD Dual Core Processor and AMD Radeon™ HD 6310 graphics delivering full HD multimedia entertainment
HD6310 DirectX11 Graphics- Built-in, a gain of 32% for graphic performance over UMA based units. Longer Battery Life- With the latest 45nm processor and APU PowerPlay® technology, MSI's CR650 offers dynamic control increasing power efficiency. Why carry around that bulky power supply, when the CR650 notebook provides you full power capability all day long. Full HD Video Experience- With the latest AMD Dual Core processor, MSI's CR650 notebook plays full HD video for a smooth and clear visual experience.

SRS PC Sound™ and Cinema Pro Technology

The CR650 features SRS Premium Sound, with 360° surround sound, providing home theater level excitement. Equipped with a 15.6 widescreen display and MSI's Cinema Pro technology you can switch over to higher display resolutions and richer colors creating a robust visual experience. The CR650 also features HDMI connectivity to enjoy high-definition entertainment on larger external displays.

The CR650 has glossy black lid with grid pattern and also is flecked with metallic sparkles. Inside, the palm rest is a black/ sliver color with the same pattern as the lid and the gray fades to black when it reaches the stylish chiclet keyboard. With Color Film Print Technology, it not only has inspiration design but also can prevent surface from scrape.

Dedicated Media Function Keys

Above the keyboard, CR650 has dedicated media funcation keys. From left to right, they are

  • ODD eject: Resume ODD and eject
  • Display off:  Turn off the display to save power
  • Turbo Battery: Power saving technology
  •  S-Bar: Smart Function keys
  • Cinema Pro:
  • Power: Turn on/ off


MSI exclusive S-Bar with user friendly design let you easily manage system functions. When activated, a blue star appears in the top middle of the desktop. Moving the mouse over it and its reveals a dock of function keys, you can open/ close used programs and change settings such as brightness, volume, and Wi-Fi. It's easy to accomplish all functional multimedia.

ECO Engine Power Management System

As the power management function, MSI ECO Engine system to measure the battery running time while performing five different modes - Gaming, Movie, Presentation, Office, and Turbo Battery mode, that can reduce power consumption and hence extend the battery life depends on usage.

EasyFace 2.0

After setting the data with MSI EasyFace sofeware, you only show your face in front of webcam, and then the notebook automatically log-in to system, favorite websites, and Window Live Messenger.EasyFace provides the completely protection.

i-Charger Technology

CR650 is equipped with MSI's exclusive i-Charger technology. The i-Charger pumps more power through the USB ports to enhance recharge efficiency. CR650 is able to recharge three times faster and give your multimedia devices full power support.

Build-in HD Webcam, Microphone, and Wireless Connection

CR650 build-in the latest communication technologies keep you in touch with your friends and families all the times. With HD webcam and microphone, you're set to engage in great quality video chats. What's more, with 802.11 b/g/n wireless LAN, CR650 can get you online at wireless hotspots.

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