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About MSI

In 1986, Mr. Joseph Hsu, the founder of MSI, realized great opportunities in the IT industry and convinced four friends (Frank Lin, Jeans Huang, Henry Lu and Kenny Yu) with similar interest and professional skills to establish Micro-Star International - the birth of a legend in Taiwan's IT industry.

The five founders all started from scratch with R&D production, marketing, services, product packaging and even shipping. Based on these revolutionary sentiments, MSI's management team has a tacit understanding of business, successfully navigating the industry for over 23 years.

MSI believes that superior digital technology can improve life and is passionate about exploring the potential of a digital world by developing cutting edge tools; tools that easily and quickly utilize information, enabling users to freely express their own styles. Creating fantastic user experiences is the drive behind MSI's constant innovation.

To achieve the best user experience, every component is essential. Therefore, in the past 25 years, "Insist on the Best" has been MSI's motto. By thinking from the users' perspective and devote full attention on every little detail, this philosophy makes MSI stand out as the most desirable product.

In 2010, MSI established two additional core values: Innovation and Style.

"Innovation" is a value that speaks for MSI's commitment to superior product performance and reliability. The idea of innovation is consisted throughout every product's entire life span. At the same time, we give serious consideration to the perfection of quality.

"Style" is another value that brings freedom and expresses personal identity. MSI has taken the lead on portable and lightweight digital products that truly realizes user mobility and creativity. It also strives to showcase a type of art piece that represent one's uniqueness – such as the sleekness of a business professional, the elegance of a trendsetter, and the power of a gamer.

For over twenty years, MSI had been making components for the big PC brands; the guts - the stuff inside the box. Over time, we realized we had great ideas and great designs of our own. Our motherboards and graphics cards are some of the best performing and widely used by enthusiasts. MSI's award-winning line of Notebooks and All-in-One PC are examples of what we can do now that we're outside the box. And with many new innovations on the horizon, our future only looks brighter.

MSI insists on the best and is your innovative partner for life.


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